Multilife Capsules 330mg EPA, 220mg DHA

Salmon Omega3 Fish Oil

Premium Quality Omega-3 Fatty Acid supports heart, Brain, Joint and Immune System……..

Based on international technology preventing from fishy taste and suitable for wheat allergic patients.

Add Dosage of Omega into your daily diet

Multilife Capsule

Multilife Capsule offering 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA from one of the species of fish i.e Salmon Fish which contributes in Heart Heatlth, Immune System, Execellent for Skin and Hair……..  

What Multilife Capsule offer For Good Health?

Improves Heart Health, Supports Immune System, Reduces Inflammation, Help Cognitive function, Assists Joint Support, Reduces Inflammation

Pregnancy Care

Help fetus to develop its Brain, Vision and Heart.

Lose Weight

Aids in Weight Loss by improving Metabolism....

Nutritional Value

Incredibly important as a Nutrition....

Necessary for Athletes

Helps to improve movement of oxygen into Skeletal Muscle during Exercise..

Balance Body Mind

Deals with Anxiety and Depression...

What People Are Saying

Success Stories of Multilife Capsule (330mg DHA& 220mg EPA)

Because of low level of good Cholesterol my DOC suggested MULTILIFE Capsule which helped me to get my levels improved.......
Philip Watson
I was suffering from Mood Disorders and Depressive Nature. I started taking MULTILIFE CAPSULES along with Meditation and found the significant changes in my mood and in social anxiety....I include one capsules during my lunch and getting complete dosage of EPA and DHA. Moreover there is no after fishytaste.
Emma Roberts
Multilife Capsule helped me to get good Skin, Nails and Hair. Multilife Capsule helped in hair growth and lustrous skin. Now it has become part of my daily diet.... Thanks to Multilife....
Olivia Spencer

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